Welcome to Sarayu Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sarayu Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a company floated by a team of highly experienced engineers worked in the reputed process instrumentation industries to address a cause of the Indian Electronics, Electrical, Computers, Information technology, Instrumentation and academic community of Engineers and Scientists requirements. SISPL was established with a vision of dedicated Embedded systems development unit to focus mainly on the Embedded systems Development in the areas of Data Acquisition and control of process parameters measurements with the latest state of the art technology. The main focus area of SISPL is to provide an embedded solutions on latest state of art technologies with Digital Signal Processor, Field Programmable Gate arrays, Complex Programmable logic devices, Microcontrollers for processing and embedding the reliable firmware combined with the powerful and reliable analog Instrumentation technology for the domains viz Power sector , Tool Machineries , Various Process Plants to name a few. The SISPL team has come out with the instrumentation systems along with the non contact eddy current based linear proximity sensors , Vibration Monitoring with Temperature , Pressure and other parameters in Industry Standard 19 inch 3 U / 6U and various DIN standard enclosures and standard MOBBUS protocols on either Ethernet/RS$485 in all the products to enable the end users to interface the products seamlessly with Third Party Scada Sofwares or to develop his own Customised Software easily.The main thrust at SISPL during product development stage is to evolve ways to cut down the down time at field and also develop the software in such a way the automated codes gets generated for debugging to make the site support easy and shorten the time of down time which the old analog systems lack. Also the emphasis on the fail safety and fault tolerant design procedures are followed for delivering the best Solutions to the customers.

SISPL is located in the heart of Silicon Valley on West of Chord road, Bangalore. SISPL has a team of 15 engineers working dedicatedly on the industrial instrumentation products like temperature monitoring systems, Resistance monitoring, magnetic levitation, vibration analysis, PID Controllers, Speed profilers MODBUS based I/O, electric drives, etc., to name a few. The engineers are trained in the field of embedded development software, assembly software, hardware design approach, and optimized algorithms development for the scientific computing applications.

SISPL has an infrastructure setup of 15 systems connected with a LAN, in addition to this internet connectivity to all systems to enable the engineers to have online datasheets accessibility, information on products. All the development tools like the dedicated target modules for the relevant DSP's like MOTOROLA, ADSP, etc., in-circuit debuggers, Programmers, JTAG Interface, Integrated Development software's like code warrior, code composer, MPLAB, VDSP, IAR Kickstart etc.,

Sarayu offers the much needed on the exposure to the Engineers beginning their carrer in the field of Embedded Development based on the MIcrocontrollers, DSP's, telecom, Audio and related fields with the hands on training by sharing the Industrial experience of the company and assisting in carry out the related developments in using the vast pool of Sarayu own designed hardware platforms in the Sarayu advanced R&D Lab in the company of the most experienced Sarayu Engineers.


  • ✔ Industrial Process Automation
  • ✔ Developed Vibration Analyzer, precision sensors/probes    vibration
  • ✔ Embedded system development
  • ✔ SCADA solutions for plants and Machineries
  • ✔ Micro controller, ARM,DSP, FPGA based hardware design    and development
  • ✔ VB.Net based front end data Archiving and Graphical User    Interfaces Development


  • ✔ Advanced Powerful embedded tools
  • ✔ Test and measurement instruments
  • ✔ Automated test benches
  • ✔ Powerful simulator and debugger tools
  • ✔ Field signal simulators