VM-9620 is a two channel vibration monitoring system suitable for condition monitoring and machinery protection applications .The system is +24V DC operated and industry standard DIN sized Rack mountable PPE+PS enclosure. These monitors employ a contact based ICP accelerometer/Non Contact Eddy Current Proximitor Sensor for the input and dedicated 5 digit 7 segment display for displaying vibration values. Also measured parameters will be communicated to remote terminal via MODBUS RTU on RS485 / Ethernet gateway. The systemhas 2 dedicated relays for alarm and trip. Each channel has tricolor LED indication for indicating OK, DANGER and ALERT status. VM9620 provides industry standard 4~20mA DC signal output for interfacing with Distributed Control System (DCS). Vibration monitors provided with buffered output for analyses to facilitate fault diagnosis.


• Standalone monitors in 96x96 mm in Panel Mount DIN Type.
• Digital Display Options.
• Two Channel Measurements.
• Two Relay Output (Alarm Contact Output).
• Built in power supplies necessary for sensors operation.
• LEDs per channel for indicating OK/ALERT/DANGER status.
• RS485 serial port with MODBUS RTU protocol..
• 32 units can be connected in RS485 multi drop network.
• All Settings stored in Non-Volatile memory to prevent data loss.
• Industry standard DC Power Supply +24 VDC.
• Set Points for Alert Alarm Limits.
• Set Points for Danger Alarm Limits.
• Set Points for Alarm Time Delay.
• Latching for Alert Alarm.
• Latching for Danger Alarm.
• Display Options.
• Digital Communication.
• Multi-function Key switch.
• Highly reliable.
• Easy to retrofit.
• Highly economical.
• 2 Relays for alarm and trip.