User Display Module

The Key Board LCD Display Module is an intelligent LCD display designed to decrease development time by providing an instant solution to any project. With the ability to communicate via serial RS-232, the versatile Key Board LCD Display Module can be used with virtually any controller. The ease of use is further enhanced by an intuitive command structure to allow display settings such as contrast, GPIO, it has six general purpose outputs. These are provided to control relays or other electronic devices. This allows external devices to be turned ON or OFF by commands which is to be software controlled.

    The Key Board LCD Display Module build with 5x5 matrix Keypad Interface which takes row/column input and converts it to ASCII characters, which are delivered out the RS-232 to the associated controller. Note that the keypad is not used to directly control any aspect of the operation of the Key Board LCD Display module, which acts simply as a matrix to serial converter. If you want to use the keypad to control the Key Board LCD Display Module you must program your controller accordingly.

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